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Helping you help your horse

_Sweet itch - don't let your horse suffer any more_

Now you can successfully protect against sweet itch with Insect-Eco

_Unique sweet itch formula in exclusive long lasting polymer based carrier__

Currently not available

Insecticide and repellent activity against all midges, flies & insects

Aromatic solution of 100% natural origin
Non-sticky and non-oily
Unique protection with film-forming polymer - no other product has this
Long 4 week repellent effect - bonds to hair and skin

Healthy looking hair

Economical to use - one 750ml bottle lasts a long time

Shake well before use.
Spray 30 - 40 cm away from horse's body, focusing on areas where insects strike most frequently (around the eyes, mane, back, between the legs and under the tail).
Repeat every 4 weeks.

"The only one that really works for us.”

Price £30.47
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