Medifarm Insect-Eco and Derm-Eco for the ultimate protection and cure of sweet itch. More effective than Deet.

Stopmyasis organic zero day protection against fly strike and myiasis on sheep

The best sweet itch protection - Insect-Eco and Derm-Eco. More effective than Alvahorse.


Horse and cattle lice

Kill lice on your horse and cattle and protect from further strikes with this unique and proven formula.

Approved for organic use.


Read how successful Stoplice has been for Alvescot Stud on their horses here_


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Fly strike


Fly strike pour-on with zero day withdrawal for organic and non-organic sheep. Proven results.

Approved for organic use.
Ideal for meat and dairy sheep.

"We applied Stopmyasis on the ewes and lambs early and had no incidents of flystrike at all for 6 weeks, when neighbours were reporting lots of cases." P Dovey.

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